About the Project

Berth # 7 of Poti port, is one of the main container handling berth in Georgia. Our challenge was to conduct construction process under and above the deck in a very limited time and same time keep the berth under operation.

Following scope of works were executed:

  • Qquay wall was dismantled by controlled cutting
  • Demolished existing structures and berth pavement
  • New 220 m quay wall and capping beam was constructed
  • Underground utilities were arranged
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete was paved on 18000 m2
  • Electrical and lighting facilities were installed
  • Quay furniture was delivered and installed

One of the main challenge was to repair of under deck structures such as are piles, pile caps and support wall:

  • High pressure water jet was used to demolish weak concrete and cleaning of reinforcement from rust
  • New steel reinforcement was placed and sea water resistant mortar was used to repair damaged areas