Producing and delivering high quality concrete is our specialty. Years of experience, professional education and modern technological skills at our disposal, let us manufacture a final product that meets all the necessary standards and produce final result that stands the test of time.

For production of concrete, we are using aggregates from our own quarries, which are crushed, calibrated and washed according to the standards. Use of different types of cement, chemicals, metal and synthetic fiber gives us the possibility to offer our clients different types of ready-mix concrete according to EN 206-1 European standards.

Throughout the whole manufacturing process, we constantly check our concrete mixes for strength and sustainability within our own laboratory.


Self-Compacting Concrete

has the ability to fill out complex shapes, including heavily reinforced areas with very little vibration. It is also used for high quality aesthetic surfaces.

It is easier to place than conventional concrete and offers significant savings in time, labour, equipment and hence economic advantages.

Early Strength Concrete

Gains strength within 48 hours, substantially faster than conventional concrete.  It sharply decreases the time for completion of contracts.  This type of concrete is ideal for construction that needs to withstand high loads early on in the process.

High Performance Concrete

The best choice for complex construction that has to withstand high loads, are subject to chemically active environments and substantial surface wear. This type of concrete reaches the required strength easily and in a short period of time. It is manufactured using different types of cement and chemical additives, depending on the end usage.

Sulfate Resisting Concrete

Used in chemically active underground environments (e.g. in waters with high sulfates)

Watertight concrete

Manufactured using special chemical additives, which fill out concrete’s microstructure to ensure its water resistance. We produce W6 – W12 watertight concrete to be used in building water reservoirs, water tanks and other underground constructions.

Fiber reinforced concrete

Has various applications, starting from parking lots to container terminals and floor slabs.  The use of steel or synthetic fiber reduces the risk and width of cracks related with long- term drying shrinkage, eliminating the need for crack-control steel mesh. Fiber reinforced concrete can reduce the construction costs. Our plant is equipped with a fiber dosing system, which enables us to use fibers for different applications. We consult our customers on the mix design for fiber reinforced concrete in order to achieve the desired application with the lowest possible costs.


We check our products at every stage of production in our own laboratory. This permits us to deliver only the highest quality to our customers.

Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard. Among other various services, our laboratory specialists can determine qualities of cement, concrete and raw materials, namely:

Geometric, mechanical and physical characteristics
Air composition, water resistance, density, strengthening time and liquefaction
Determination of the exact mix of concrete
Strengthening time, water content and other physical/mechanical qualities of cement
Preparation of cement and concrete, their curing and storage.

Mobile Concrete Plant

We stand by our commitment to deliver efficient and effective solutions to our customers, to maximize their gain and reduce their costs. For customers who have their construction sites in areas that are hard to reach, we have a unique and effective solution.

If your project requires a substantial supply of concrete and transportation can be a problematic, we will install a mobile plant (20 – 100 sq. m/hr productivity) straight on your site. It will enable you:

If your project requires a substantial supply of concrete and transportation can be a problematic, we will install a mobile plant (20 – 100 sq. m/hr productivity) straight on your site. It will enable you:

  • To get an unlimited and continuous supply of concrete
  • Reduce your transportation costs
  • Decrease the risk of material shortage

In addition, we can equip your site with a crushing and sorting machine to produce sand and gravel.

Precast Concrete Elements

Using precast elements can save time, money and make the construction process far simpler.

Some of the precast elements that we have manufactured for different construction projects include:

  • Precast concrete chambers and manholes for electrical and water supply systems
  • Precast Concrete piles, columns, and slabs
  • Precast fence, retaining walls and barriers
  • Precast electricity poles

We offering customers turnkey solutions including calculations and design for precast elements.

Aggregates for concrete and asphalt manufacture

Once we obtain sand and gravel, we use modern technology at hand to crush, wash and grade it for different types of concrete and asphalt production in the following ranges:

  • 0- 5 mm
  • 0 - 8 mm
  • 5 – 10 mm
  • 10 – 20 mm
  • 20 – 32 mm

Once again, we conduct all our processes with quality in mind, so each step of extraction and production is checked within our laboratory.

Aggregates for soil stabilisation and level raising

We supply material and machines for levelling , vibration and compaction

  • Silt sand (0 - 3mm) – for ground replacing and stabilisation of swamped grounds
  • Sand and gravel mixture (0 – 200 mm) – For compaction and level raising
  • Crushed sand and gravel mixture (0 – 35 mm) – For gound stabilisation and levelling
  • Crushed stone (20 – 35 mm) – For stabilisation and level raising, as well as arranging drainage channels